World War?: France Prepared to Send Troops

( – French President Emmanuel Macron has suggested that sending Western troops to Ukraine could become a valid option if Russia breached Ukrainian defenses and Kyiv requested assistance. This would almost certainly lead to World War Three.

Doubling down on his earlier stance, Macron emphasized that he did not rule out the possibility of deploying troops to Ukraine, a statement that stirred anxiety among European allies, particularly Germany.

The interview followed the president’s recent keynote speech, where he warned about Europe’s vulnerability to Russian aggression, especially in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022.

Macron reaffirmed his stance, stating, “Absolutely. I’m not ruling anything out, because we are facing someone who is not ruling anything out.”

Also, he stressed the need for a collective reassessment should Russia escalate its actions further, which portrayed his refusal to dismiss troop deployment as a strategic imperative.

These remarks came amid growing concerns among analysts regarding a potential major offensive by Russia in Ukraine. Reports indicated Russia’s ongoing advances in eastern Ukraine, with the capture of another village.

Moreover, the Chief of State characterized Russia under President Vladimir Putin as a regional destabilizing force and a threat to European security. He stressed the necessity of preventing Russian victory in Ukraine, warning of dire consequences for European security and neighboring countries if Russia succeeds.

While acknowledging Russia’s military prowess, he suggested that its extensive defense spending was unsustainable given its economic limitations.

Proposing a shift towards greater European defense autonomy, the French president advocated for a credible joint defense strategy, including discussions about nuclear weapons.

However, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto cautioned against direct confrontation and warned that NATO involvement could escalate into World War III.

Macron urged Europeans to remain vigilant against nationalist movements, equating them with Brexit supporters and warning against their influence in upcoming elections.

He underscored that a destabilized Russia was not in China’s interest and urged Europeans to resist nationalist ideologies to safeguard Europe’s position as a global power.

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