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The Proud Republic is a US-based news publication committed to reporting truthful, objective news. When there’s an impactful story our readers need to know, we’ll report on it, bringing you the latest facts and new information as it unfolds. Clear reporting, honesty, and integrity are at the top of your list when it comes to finding a reliable news source. We know, because they’re our priorities, too.

We approach journalism as it was intended to be: with a balanced eye and a thirst for the facts of the story. Our team isn’t beholden to a political party or major lobbyist. We will never try to sway your opinion or tell you what to think. As reporters, our aim is to bring you the news so you can decide where you stand on an issue.

With all the widespread censorship and misinformation that we’re seeing today, it’s no wonder more readers are craving factual information than ever before. Readers expect journalists to take an objective approach to reporting, because that’s how it should be. You deserve news stories that aren’t spun to fit an agenda. Instead, you want to know what’s happening in our world, and we’re here to report on it.

What to Expect From The Proud Republic

When you visit The Proud Republic to read our news reports, you can rest assured that our team has done the hard work of drawing out reliable information from the plethora of sources available to us. We scour the latest headlines, finding the most important and impactful news that American citizens need to know.

You can expect to receive regular news updates sent straight to your email inbox that will help you stay informed as you go about your busy schedule. Proud News and State of the Republic reports will guide you through some of the hardest-hitting headlines in the news cycle. Keep an eye out for these reports via email. They’re easy to read and understand, because our team of writers are straightforward and to-the-point.

Proud News

Proud News reports from The Proud Republic are current event stories that help you stay up-to-date on what’s unfolding in our nation and around the world. These are stories that impact Americans’ daily lives, many of which have effects that will last years into the future. Each Proud News report is written in a way that’s easy to read so you can check them on the go.

State of the Republic

State of the Republic reports are deeper dives into important headlines. Our team painstakingly researches the events happening in the world around us and brings those reports to you. Even better, they’re delivered directly to you via email so you won’t have to miss a headline.

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