18 Shot; Cops ‘Frustrated’


(TheProudRepublic.com) – At an annual May Day event, a devastating mass shooting occurred in Stockton, Alabama, where 18 people were severely injured and three were murdered.

Despite the magnitude of the incident, no arrests have been made and witness cooperation remains minimal while the cops are frustrated with the situation.

However, the Stockton community is questioning what happened and has no answers yet.

The deadly incident exploded when at least one shooter fired into a crowd gathered on private property off Bryant’s Landing Road, while some witnesses told that one gunman was in a wheelchair, and shots were also heard from other directions.

The event, attended by approximately a thousand people, quickly descended into chaos, leaving 18 individuals wounded, three of whom died instantly.

Family members have identified two of the victims: Chiquita Ewing, a 37-year-old mother of four, and 24-year-old Christian Bradley.

Moreover, Captain Andre Reid from the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office, which led the Investigations Command, expressed deep frustration with the lack of witness cooperation in solving the case.

“We’ve had a few. It’s just not enough. I just don’t, don’t understand. You know, a thousand people plus, and no one can tell me directly. No one can just walk up and say, I know who did it,” said Reid.

He added, “We all live right here together and that’s why we need it and it becomes a little bit frustrating when you’re trying to resolve an issue for a family who’s lost someone. They’re getting ready for funerals and they’re waiting on an answer from me, and I can’t give it to them.”

In turn, the captain said he needed people who cooperated and told him what happened. With deep frustration, he stated that they needed to put the pieces together to understand the situation and find out who did it.

The identity of the third victim remains undisclosed as the Sheriff’s Office has not released any names. It is also unclear how the security officers present at the event responded when the shooting began.

Investigators confirmed that the suspected shooter is not among the 15 who were hospitalized. They continue to urge anyone with information about the incident to come forward and assist the investigation by contacting the Sheriff’s Office.

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