Native American Tribes Banned Who?!

( – Two native tribes in South Dakota have banned Republican Governor Kristi Noem from their lands due to comments she made about tribal leaders benefiting from drug cartels.

The Yankton Sioux Tribe made their decision after a special meeting and vote, which closely follows the action taken by the Sisseton-Wahpeton Ovate recently.

With these recent bans, Governor Noem is now barred from almost 20% of South Dakota’s land.

In March, Noem stirred controversy by suggesting that tribal leaders were benefiting from drug cartels operating on their reservations.

She claimed, “We’ve got some tribal leaders that I believe are personally benefiting from the cartels being there, and that’s why they attack me every day.”

Moreover, her remarks have led to increasing tension between her and several tribal communities in the state, but Governor Noem’s office has not responded to inquiries about the latest bans.

However, she has previously stated that she still receives support from residents living on the reservations despite disagreements with tribal leaders.

Following the bans, Noem has urged tribal leaders to take action against drug cartels on their lands and has offered her assistance in restoring law and order.

In turn, some commentators speculated that she was using the cartel issue to divert attention from the criticism she faced over passages in her recent book, particularly one describing the killing of her hunting dog, Cricket, for misbehaving.

“I’m sure that Gov. Noem doesn’t mind a focus on tensions with the Native Americans in South Dakota because if we’re not talking about that, we’re talking about her shooting the dog,” political observer Cal Jilson said.

Additionally, political analysts have predicted that the incidents will likely hurt Noem’s chances of getting onto former President Trump’s ticket.

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