Former Trump Official Attacks Trump

( – Betraying the Republican Party, former White House Communications Officer Anthony Scaramucci attacked Trump by saying he is a “full-on crazy person that possibly needs a lobotomy” and poses a threat to democracy.

Scaramucci briefly held the position of White House Director of Communications from July 21 to July 31, 2017, and has publicly endorsed Joe Biden for the upcoming November election.

In an interview with Times Radio, Scaramucci voiced concerns about the ages and characteristics of both presidential candidates, saying,” He [Biden] is too old to be running for President, and so is Donald Trump. You have a combined age of 160 years, but these unfortunately are the two choices.”

He continued, expressing a broader sentiment about voter preference, “I would point out that 70 percent of the American electorate said ‘no we would prefer it if neither of these two people were running and we had two different choices.'”

In turn, the former officer made his choice clear, reluctantly saying that those were the two choices and that he would go with the elderly man who was slightly forgetful.

However, he added that the elderly candidate [Biden] believes in the institutions of the American democracy, and he would never go over the full-on crazy person who possibly needs a lobotomy

“It is unfortunate that these are the choices, but I can tell you now Trump is a threat to democracy…”, he claimed.

Despite various legal distractions, Trump has shown strength in key electoral areas, leading in several crucial battleground states according to recent polls by the New York Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Siena College.

Furthermore, Trump’s leads included three points in Pennsylvania, seven in Arizona, seven in Michigan, ten in Georgia, and twelve in Nevada, while Biden held a two-point lead in Wisconsin.

Scaramucci believed that Biden would secure a second term despite the polling, largely due to the Democrats’ financial edge in campaign fundraising.

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