VIDEO: Couple Fight Armed Intruder

( – In a scary incident, one of many recent cases of violent criminals targeting Asian Americans, an Asian American couple in Washington state managed to beat back an armed intruder ambushing them at their home.

See the video below.

The incident exposed by independent journalist Jonathan Choe occurred on Sunday in Kent, a city of 140,000 in the Seattle metropolitan area.

According to Choe, the attack saw a black male aided by an accomplice seemingly targeting the Asian American couple specifically.

The journalist asserts there has been a “surge” in robbery attacks on Asian American families, as cited by The Daily Caller.

A security camera video of the Kent incident obtained by Choe shows the husband unlocking the front door, with his wife closely following him.

A dramatic twist unfolds when the wife spots a masked man pointing a gun at her from behind just as she enters the house.

She reacts quickly, immediately shutting the door and preventing the man from entering the house.

Shortly after failing to get inside, the wannabe intruder tries tampering with the door lock.

Upon noticing the security camera, he makes an effort to damage it.

Additionally, around 28 seconds into the footage, another person, presumably an accomplice, briefly appears.

According to Choe, the suspects haven’t been apprehended yet. The Caller said it tried to verify this with the Kent Police Department, but there was no response at the time they went public with the story.

Choe further highlights a concerning pattern: this incident isn’t isolated. He notes a surge in robberies apparently aimed at Asian Americans.

“In nearby South Seattle, Asian immigrants were recently being targeted in home invasions,” the journalist wrote on X.

Choe points out that earlier in October, the Seattle Police Department made arrests over the string of break-ins targeting Asian American families.

The report notes that five individuals have been nabbed in relation to this series of crimes in the Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Yet, according to Choe, whether the Kent suspect is connected with the detainees remains unknown.