BLM Activist Thrown In Prison


( – They supposedly fight for justice, but leftists don’t practice what they preach. British Black Lives Matter (BLM) activist Xahra Saleem was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in imprisonment for fraudulent activities. Saleem conceded to misappropriating over £30,000 in BLM charitable donations for her personal expenses.

Saleem played a pivotal role in organizing the June 2020 demonstration that culminated in the removal of Edward Colston’s statue, a 17th-century Bristol merchant and slave trader. While BLM protesters acknowledged their involvement in toppling the statue, they denied charges of criminal damage in 2022.

As a director of the youth charity Changing Your Mindset, Saleem initiated a GoFundMe campaign to support the 2020 march. The fundraiser received an overwhelming response, with over 500 donations. However, Saleem diverted these funds to her personal accounts, squandering them on rent, a new iPhone, hair appointments, clothing, and Uber services.

Addressing the court, Judge Michael Longman acknowledged the noble intentions behind raising money for charity. However, he condemned Saleem’s actions, stating, “Your dishonest behavior continued for a substantial amount of time. There were a large number of victims. You must have realized how much your behavior would affect so many people.”

Changing Your Mindset has since ceased operations. Deneisha Royal, a 22-year-old who was to benefit from the charity, expressed her dismay outside the court, highlighting the betrayal felt by community members who viewed the group as a safe haven.

Saleem’s case is not isolated within the BLM movement. Monica Cannon-Grant, a Boston-based BLM activist, along with her husband, faced accusations of misusing charitable donations for personal expenses. Cannon-Grant faced 18 counts related to fraud.

Ohio activist Tyree Conyers-Page also faced legal troubles, with charges including money laundering and wire fraud, after allegedly misappropriating $450,000 in BLM donations. The funds, meant for combating racial injustice, were reportedly spent on personal indulgences.

BLM’s financial handling has been under scrutiny. Federal tax filings from 2020-2022 reveal that only a third of BLM’s $90 million revenue was allocated to charitable organizations. The filings also disclose significant expenditures, including a $2.1 million payment to board member Shalomyah Bowers for consulting services.