PROOF: ‘Liberal Bail Reform’ Aiding Thugs


( – In the face of crime-exacerbating liberal bail reform laws and nonexistent migration policies, New York’s Nassau County executive provided testimony in a recent congressional subcommittee hearing, highlighting the significant rise in criminal activities linked to illegal immigrants in his jurisdiction.

Testifying before the House Homeland Subcommittee, Bruce Blakeman specifically cited the case of Chilean gang members who, despite being apprehended by the Nassau County police for various offenses, were subsequently released without bail. This situation is attributed to state laws that, according to Blakeman, seem to favor the rights of criminals over those of their victims.

“We have seen a surge in crime by migrants who have engaged in all types of criminal activity from drug dealing, car theft, burglary to more violent crimes. Recently, a gang from Chile was arrested by our outstanding Nassau County police department only to be released without bail due to state laws that give more rights to criminals than they do the victims,” Blakeman stated.

Blakeman expressed his frustration and concern about the implications of these bail laws, particularly emphasizing the danger they pose to public safety. “These Chilean gang members that were part of this migrant program were freed by liberal bail laws, they disappeared and they may still be in the United States committing more crimes against the public. That is outrageous and it is dangerous,” he remarked.

Moreover, Blakeman has been an outspoken critic of Nassau County receiving illegal immigrants, a situation that has overwhelmed New York City. Reports from The New York Times suggest that approximately 146,000 illegal immigrants arrived in New York City between the spring of 2022 and November.

Blakeman shared an alarming incident involving the arrest of an illegal immigrant in possession of over three kilos of pure fentanyl, highlighting the broader dangers of illegal drug trafficking.

Blakeman urged the congressional committee to adopt stringent border control measures and suggests that entry into the country should be contingent upon eligibility for asylum status determined through a hearing process.

“The federal government should mandate that any migrant in the U.S. who was arrested for a crime with probable cause be deported,” Blakeman recommended, emphasizing the need for a secure immigration policy that prioritizes public safety and law enforcement efficiency.