Obama Speechwriter Attacks Biden

Barack Obama

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In new evidence that Joe Biden and his former boss Barack Obama don’t exactly see eye to eye on major policy issues, a former Obama speechwriter has attacked the president for refusing to crack down on vital US ally Israel over its war against the Hamas terrorist group in the Gaza Strip.

Jon Favreau, a former speechwriter for Obama, has publicly criticized Biden for not taking a firmer stance against Israel following an incident in which the Israeli Defense Forces accidentally killed seven humanitarian aid workers in Gaza.

Favreau described Biden as “weak” on social media, expressing frustration over the administration’s subdued reaction to the event.

Favreau voiced his criticism on X (formerly Twitter), referencing a Politico article that indicated President Biden does not plan to alter his policy towards Israel amidst its conflict with Hamas.

“The President doesn’t get credit for being ‘privately enraged’ when he still refuses to use leverage to stop the IDF from killing and starving innocent people. “These stories only make him look weak,” Favreau wrote.

In response to the tragedy, President Biden has demanded accountability and more humanitarian aid for Gaza. He criticized Israel for not doing enough to safeguard aid workers and civilians.

Yet, senior White House officials suggest that the administration does not plan to further address the issue, pointing to Biden’s public statements as the extent of their planned response.

Behind the scenes, one official acknowledged Biden’s anger upon learning about the accidental strike.

This incident has exposed and possibly widened the rift within the Democratic Party regarding support for Israel.

Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders warned of potential electoral repercussions for Biden if his approach remains unchanged, citing a disconnect with the Democratic base’s stance against funding Israel’s military actions.

“The polling is very clear: The Democratic base wants to stop funding [Israeli leader] Netanyahu’s war machine. So, if your question is: ‘Is it going to hurt the president unless he turns this around?’ Yeah, it will,” Sanders told MSNBC on Wednesday.

Similarly, Senator Peter Welch (D-VT) criticized the Netanyahu government’s conduct in the conflict.

“[The strike on the World Central Kitchen convoy is] more tragic evidence that the way the Netanyahu government is conducting this war is terribly wrong,” Welch commented.

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