Netanyahu Stiff-Armed Biden?!

( – Faced with increasingly hostile demands by the Biden administration, and tackling Islamist terrorism on its, Israel and its conservative leader Benjamin Netanyahu barely gave President Joe Biden a notice before assassinating a very high-profile commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Israeli government recently took decisive military action in Syria by eliminating a high-ranking Iranian general, but the move was only communicated to the Biden administration shortly before execution, reports pro-left news site Axios, cited by The Daily Caller.

This operation involved precision airstrikes targeting a facility close to the Iranian embassy in Syria, resulting in the death of a prominent general from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s Quds Force, among others.

Both U.S. and Israeli officials confirmed to Reuters that the Biden administration received a mere minutes’ notice before the airstrikes commenced, with Israel seeking no prior approval from the US government.

According to a US official who spoke to Axios, the notification to the Biden administration was issued as Israeli fighter jets were already heading to the strike location.

Furthermore, the administration was kept in the dark regarding key details of the operation, such as its proximity to the Iranian embassy.

This military action occurred just before a scheduled virtual dialogue between Israeli officials and key figures in the US administration, including State Department Secretary Antony Blinken and White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

The discussions were intended to deliberate on Israel’s intentions to conduct a ground offensive against the Hamas terrorist organization in Rafah, located in Gaza’s south, a plan opposed by the Biden administration.

Notably, the strike on IRGC targets in Syria was not mentioned in the lengthy meeting that day.

After the Israeli strikes, the Biden administration even promptly assured Iran through direct communication that the US had no involvement in the Israeli operation and was unaware of it beforehand.

This outreach to Tehran by the US is noteworthy due to the historically tense relations between Iran and Western nations, with Iran recognized as the foremost state sponsor of terrorism globally, The Caller notes.

In retaliation, Iran has pledged to respond to the airstrikes, accusing the Israeli government of violating international norms.

The sequence of events has further complicated the relationship between the Biden administration and the Israeli government, already tense due to ongoing military actions by the Israel Defense Forces in Gaza in response to Hamas’s October 7 terrorist attack.

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