FBI Raid Impacts Ultra-Lib Mayor

(TheProudRepublic.com) – The left’s readiness to sell out the US to foreign powers shouldn’t be underestimated – judging not just from suspicions into the Bidens but also by a shocking new development in which the FBI just raided NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ fundraiser over illegal 2021 election contributions from Turkey.

According to a search warrant reported by The New York Times late Thursday night, the FBI and the US Justice Department have launched a “broad public corruption investigation” into Adams over suspicions that his 2021 campaign “conspired” with the government of Turkey to receive “illegal foreign donations.”

Turkey is a long-time US ally and fellow member of the NATO alliance. Still, in the past couple of decades, relations have soured as Turkish leader Recep Erdogan has pursued pro-Islamist policies and sought to turn his country into an independent geopolitical player.

Earlier on Thursday, the FBI searched the residence of Brianna Suggs, 25, the top financial backer for Democratic Mayor Eric Adams of New York City, although it was initially unclear what had motivated the action, The Daily Caller reports.

During the search of her domicile, the agent did not place Suggs under arrest, but, according to an FBI agent investigating governmental misconduct, she was interrogated.

In her role, Suggs has been instrumental in amassing close to $2.5 million for the mayor’s campaign for re-election in 2025.

She has been compensated with $100,000 over the past two years by the mayor’s campaign for her expertise in fundraising and consulting services, as well as an additional $50,000 in 2021 for her contributions to the mayor’s initial electoral victory.

The FBI raid caused the NYC mayor to rush back and cancel a trip to Washington, DC, to discuss the issue of housing illegal immigrants with the White House and Congress. Adams had posted on X a video from the plane on his way to the nation’s capital.

Subsequently, The Times reported that the FBI is looking into whether the Turkish government funded Adams’ 2021 election campaign through a Brooklyn construction company called KSK and a small school in Washington, DC, Bay Atlantic University, which is owned by Turkey and launched in 2014.

The report notes that “there was no indication that the investigation” targeted the mayo himself.

According to the NYT, Adams “has boasted of his ties to Turkey,” having been there “six or seven times,” including on a trip funded by the Turkish government while he was Brooklyn borough president.

“It shocked me when I heard the preliminary reports, and we are going to see and allow the probe to take its course,” Adams told CBS New York in his first comments over the FBI raid of his fundraiser’s home.

“I feel extremely comfortable about how I comply with rules and procedures,” the NYC mayor added.