BLM Thug Jailed for THIS! (Video)


( – New evidence has emerged proving the radical group BLM is nothing but a vile Marxist-Communist clique leveraging made-up “white guilt” to rake in piles of cash for its own benefit – as a British BLM activist has been jailed for 2.5 years for embezzling nearly $40,000.

UK Black Lives Matter activist Xahra Saleem was recently handed a two-and-a-half-year prison sentence for fraud following her admission that she misappropriated over £30,000 (app. $36,600) from BLM charitable donations to support her personal expenses.

Saleem is described as a notable figure in the leftist activist community in Bristol, a city of nearly 500,000 in Southwest England.

She was instrumental in organizing the June 2020 protest, which resulted in a far-left mob toppling the statue of Edward Colston, a 17th-century merchant and slave trader native to Bristol, National Review reports.

Saleem, while serving as a director for the youth charity Changing Your Mindset, initiated a GoFundMe campaign ostensibly to raise funds for the 2020 march.

The campaign attracted over 500 contributions, which Saleem redirected into her accounts, using them for various personal expenditures such as rent, purchasing a new iPhone, hair appointments, clothes, and Uber rides.

Judge Michael Longman, presiding over the case, acknowledged the fundraising for charity as “a worthwhile cause” but condemned Saleem’s actions, stating that she “then used (it) not for [a charitable] benefit but for [her] own, funding a lifestyle for [herself] that [she] could not otherwise have afforded.”

“Your dishonest behavior continued for a substantial amount of time. There were a large number of victims. You must have realized how much your behavior would affect so many people,” the judge told Saleem.

Since the scandal, the charity Changing Your Mindset has ceased operations.

Deneisha Royal, a 22-year-old who expected to receive support from the charity, expressed her dismay outside the courthouse.

The Review notes that Saleem’s case is not an isolated incident within the BLM movement. Other activists, such as Monica Cannon-Grant from Boston and Tyree Conyers-Page from Ohio, have faced similar accusations.

Cannon-Grant and her husband were charged with 18 counts related to fraud, while Conyers-Page is accused of embezzling $450,000 of BLM donations.

A broader examination of BLM’s financial handling reveals that from 2020 to 2022, only a third of its $90 million in revenue was directed to charitable organizations.