418 Vacation Days?!

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Setting a record that will surely live in infamy, Joe Biden marked his 418th day of vacation and chose the scenic U.S. Virgin Islands for his New Year’s retreat.

This tally, meticulously tracked by the Republican National Committee’s Vacation Tracker, indicates that Biden has spent a notable 39 percent of his presidency away from the White House.

Of these so-called “vacation” days, Biden has reportedly spent a significant portion—100 out of 135 weekends—at his Delaware residences, Camp David, or in the lavish homes of wealthy Democrat supporters.

On Wednesday, the President, alongside several family members, set off for St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, though details on the exact number of attendees remain undisclosed by the White House.

The First Family plans a week-long stay, with a return scheduled for January 2.

Their vacation spot? A luxurious beachfront property, Two Palms Villa, owned by Democrat donors and spotlighted by the New York Times.

At an eye-catching rate of $700 per night, the villa is no stranger to the Bidens, having hosted them previously. However, the White House has not clarified if the Bidens are footing their own bill for this stay.

When compared to his predecessors, Biden’s vacation days seem to significantly outnumber those taken by former presidents.

Barack Obama and Ronald Reagan each spent just 11 percent of their terms on vacation, while Jimmy Carter limited his vacation days to a mere five percent of his presidential tenure.