VIDEO: Radical Congresswoman Explodes at Constituent

Rashida Tlaib

( – A resurfaced video demonstrates where the far left really stands – against America and Israel and with Islamist terrorists – as it shows radical left Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib questioning Israel’s right to exist as a state.

The video of Tlaib (D-MI), who is of Palestinian origin, resurfaced against the backdrop of a reignited Israeli-Palestinian conflict after Islamist terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad attacked Israel on October 7 out of the Gaza Strip.

In the video posted on YouTube and Rumble, Tlaib, a progressive Democrat from Michigan, can be seen addressing the question of Israel’s right to exist.

You can watch the video further down this post.

The footage, obtained by Fox News Digital, captures Tlaib engaged in a spirited conversation with a self-described “concerned Jewish constituent.”

At the outset of the clip, Tlaib expresses her view that the idea of “separate but equal” did not work for black and white Americans in the past and should not be applied to Israel. The interviewer then presses her, asking if this means she believes Israel has a right to exist.

Tlaib responds with a question, asking if the interviewer works for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. The constituent clarifies that she is an American citizen and requests a straightforward answer from Tlaib regarding Israel’s existence.

The exchange continues with the interviewer asking Tlaib if she understands the concept of “coexistence.”

Tlaib responds by emphasizing the beauty of coexistence, where everyone should feel safe, regardless of their background.

“So the Jews would have a state that they felt safe in?” the questioner said.

“If it means my grandmother can’t exist equally as a human being then, no. Right?” Tlaib says, entering a crowded elevator.

“So coexist. Separate but equal doesn’t work,” she said as the elevator doors closed.

Tlaib has faced criticism for her position on the ongoing conflict between Hamas and Israel, drawing condemnation from both Republicans and the White House.

President Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, strongly criticized Tlaib’s statements and those of other progressive Democrats in Congress, characterizing them as wrong, repugnant, and disgraceful.

Jean-Pierre emphasized that condemnation should be directed at terrorists responsible for violence.