VIDEO: Biden’s Dementia Strikes Again

( – Joe Biden has done it again, and it’s getting worse: the president has just shocked the nation with yet another one of his dementia-type gaffes as he claimed he had commuted by train many times over the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore even though the bridge never had railway lines.

See the video of Biden’s latest gaffe below! 

Biden’s latest senior moment comments against the backdrop of a terrible tragedy as at least eight people are presumed dead as a result of the bridge collapse.

In a national speech following the demise of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, Biden asserted that he had traversed the now-collapsed it “many, many times” by both car and train, even though the structure never supported railway lines, The Telegraph reports.

In his speech, the president pledged federal assistance for its reconstruction and to safeguard the jobs at the Port of Baltimore.

He claimed to be familiar with the bridge by crossing it numerous times en route from his native Delaware to Washington, D.C.

“About 1.30am, a container ship struck the Francis Scott Key Bridge, which I have been over many, many times, commuting from the state of Delaware by train or by car. I’ve been to Baltimore harbor many times,” Biden declared.

Despite his claims, the bridge, constructed in the early 1970s, has never included railway tracks and has solely served as an auto thoroughfare.

The narrative surrounding Biden’s use of transportation, especially the Amtrak train for his commutes between Delaware and Washington while he was a senator from 1973 to 2009, has been one of the president’s talking points.

That includes a false story that he has told multiple times about a train conductor who died long before a conversation about traveled mileage, which the president claims to have had with him.

In any case, the Amtrak route from Delaware passes through Baltimore without crossing the city center or the harbor, circumventing the bridge entirely.

Criticism quickly followed Biden’s remarks, with the official X account of Donald Trump’s campaign highlighting the discrepancy by labeling the president “confused again” and pointing out the absence of train tracks on the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

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