Marjorie Taylor Greene Attacked

( – Recently retired congressman Ken Buck (R., Colo.) attacked US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R., Ga) for her stance against Ukraine.

Buck stated during an appearance on CNN, “Moscow Marjorie has reached a new low. You know, during the Russian Revolution, [Bolshevik Revolution leader Vladimir] Lenin talked about American journalists who were writing glowing reports about Russia at the time as ‘useful idiots.’”

“And I don’t even think that Marjorie reaches that level of being a useful idiot here,” added Buck, who announced his retirement last month. “She is just mouthing the Russian propaganda, and really hurting American foreign policy in the process.”

Buck’s remarks follow Greene’s discussion of news stories and photos showing neo-Nazis in Ukraine during a House Oversight Committee hearing. She expressed concern that discussing “the Nazis in Ukraine and their recruitment efforts that go all around the world” is seen as misinformation.

During the hearing on “Defending America from the Chinese Communist Party’s Political Warfare,” Greene presented a news story with the headline, “Inside a White Supremacist Militia in Ukraine,” and displayed a photo of what was said to be two Ukrainian soldiers holding their rights hands up as a form of salute.

Greene said when questioning Democrats’ witness, historian Timothy Snyder, an expert on the Holocaust, fascism, the Soviet Union, and Central and Eastern Europe, “This looks like something you’d see out of Hitler’s Germany from Ukraine. And this is something that’s extremely important to talk about.”

Snyder countered Greene’s assertions, stating that if the chamber were interested in the degree of far-right participation in Ukrainian politics, they would be assured that no far-right party has ever crossed 3% in a Ukrainian election.

“In Russia, on the other hand, the army includes openly Nazi formations . . . the government itself is fascist in character, and it is carrying out a war, which includes deportation of children by the tens of thousands, the open intention of destroying a state, as well as mass torture,” Snyder said.

The House was scheduled to vote on legislation to send aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and humanitarian aid to Gaza and other war zones last week after Democrats joined with many Republicans to clear a procedural hurdle on Friday.

Greene staunchly opposed foreign aid after filing a motion to vacate against House Speaker Mike Johnson last month. She reiterated that she does not care if “the speaker’s office becomes a revolving door.”

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