PROOF: George Soros Trying To Buy Election

( – In an attempt to forcefully tip the balance, prominent billionaires, including George Soros, poured a huge amount of money into Joe Biden’s re-election campaign in the third quarter, as indicated by filings analyzed by Fox News Digital.

These wealthy donors contributed large amounts to the Biden Victory Fund between July and September. This fund is a joint fundraising collaboration that includes Biden’s campaign, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), all state Democratic parties, and Washington, D.C.’s Democratic committee.

Such a structure allows these affluent contributors to donate up to $929,600 each during an election cycle. Both political parties have increasingly utilized joint fundraising committees in recent times, letting donors give larger sums to a single body, which then distributes the funds among its participating groups.

Soros made a significant donation to the Biden Victory Fund in the third quarter, contributing $250,000 on Sept. 29. This donation came after Soros and his son Alex, who now oversees the Open Society Foundations network, each donated the maximum allowed amount directly to Biden’s campaign earlier in the summer.

Historically, the Soros family has been a significant backer of Biden, with George donating $500,000 to the Biden Victory Fund in the previous election and millions to super PACs supporting him. Alex also contributed $721,300 to the fund in 2020. Alex has been seen at the White House frequently since Biden took office and has shared images with Vice President Kamala Harris and other key Democrats on his social media accounts.

However, Soros wasn’t the only high-profile donor. In September, Laurene Powell Jobs, Steve Jobs’ widow, donated $929,000 to the fund. Powell Jobs founded the Emerson Collective, which focuses on various issues, including climate and education. She has also supported a network of liberal websites.

Other notable contributors to the Biden Victory Fund in the past three months include sports executive Casey Wasserman, casino owner Neil Bluhm, real estate developer Kurt Rappaport, entrepreneur Haim Saban, and philanthropist Ellen Bronfman Hauptman. Each contributed the maximum allowed amount.

Overall, the Biden Victory Fund raised slightly over $48 million during the third quarter. The fund transferred $17.75 million to Biden’s campaign in September and additionally allocated $5 million to the DNC.