GOP Speaker: ‘Time To Stop Lecturing’ Israel

( – After the six-month anniversary of the lethal assault that claimed thousands of lives, House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) issued a statement urging an end to the “lecturing” of Israel as it battles the terrorist group Hamas.

Johnson’s remarks come amid calls for halting U.S. weapon supplies to the nation and mounting criticism from certain Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration concerning Israel’s military actions in Gaza.

“Today, of all days, Washington must be united in our support for our great ally, Israel, as they fight for their sovereignty and right to exist,” said Johnson.

He further emphasized, “It’s time to stop lecturing Israel on how it should best defend itself and begin equipping our friend with the resources necessary to eliminate the threat of Hamas, once and for all.”

While the U.S. continues to provide Israel with military aid, the Biden administration has stated it opposes Israel’s proposed ground operation in Rafah and advocated for a ceasefire.

Amid diminishing support from leftwing ranks, Joe Biden told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that future U.S. assistance would depend on Israel taking measures to protect aid workers and civilians.

Johnson lamented the loss of approximately 1,200 lives in the October 7 onslaught. He also criticized the escalation of anti-Israel sentiment and the Democrats in Washington’s unconditional calls for a ceasefire despite Hamas’ hostage-taking in Gaza.

“Unlike our Democrat colleagues, House Republicans remain clear-eyed about who the enemy in this fight is, and we will not stop working and praying until each of the hostages is returned home,” Johnson stated.

Despite Biden’s disapproval and the United Nations’ call for a ceasefire, Netanyahu stated Israel would not stand down until the hostage situation is resolved.

“Citizens of Israel, there is no war more just than this one, and we are determined to achieve total victory,” Netanyahu said.

He added, “I have made it clear to the international community: There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages. It simply will not happen.”

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