Democrats Silenced Over 2nd Amendment Miracle

Photo by Jay Rembert on Unsplash

A man with a firearm permit intervened at a Centerville, Texas, eatery after another man allegedly assaulted an elderly individual in the restroom.

On August 14, just past midday, a call regarding gunshots came into the Leon County Sheriff’s Office from Woody’s Smokehouse. The official report from the sheriff’s office stated that Kevin Craig Anderson, hailing from Houston (approximately 115 miles from Centerville), entered Woody’s Smokehouse displaying aggressive behavior, intimidating several patrons.

Inside the restroom, Anderson is believed to have attacked an elderly man, causing him to lose consciousness and continue the assault. An individual with a legal firearm stepped in to halt the aggression. However, Anderson redirected his violent behavior towards this man, pushing him to the ground.

In self-defense, the firearm holder discharged two rounds at Anderson, injuring his right arm. Anderson then made his escape by car but was later located by officers on the side of a nearby road. He was airlifted to a regional hospital for treatment.

Local agencies, including the sheriff’s department and Texas Rangers, are actively investigating the incident.