BOMBSHELL: Trump Warns Israel

( – Surprising words of warning have come from former President Donald Trump considering his well-known staunch support for US ally Israel, as he has told the Jewish State it is “losing” public support by continuing its military operation against the Hamas terrorists in Gaza.

Israel has been carrying out a military crackdown on the Palestinian Arab Islamist terror group in the Gaza Strip since the fall, after, on October 7, Hamas massacred over 1,400 Israelis and foreigners in a terrorist attack.

In a new interview, the likely Republican contender against President Joe Biden in the upcoming November elections urged Israel’s caution regarding the ongoing war in Gaza.

Trump emphasized the urgency of concluding the conflict, suggesting that Israel’s lingering engagement was eroding international support.

His warning comes against the backdrop of a vote at the UN Security Council, which sought an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and in which the Biden administration abstained on behalf of the United States.

“You have to finish up your war. To finish it up. You gotta get it done,” Trump told the Israel Hayom newspaper, a right-leaning publication.

This conversation, reportedly recorded over the preceding weekend, carried a critical message from the former US president.

“And I will say, Israel has to be very careful, because you’re losing a lot of the world, you’re losing a lot of support, you have to finish up, you have to get the job done,” he added, cited by Insider Paper.

Trump is known for his vocal support of Israel, often referencing his decision to relocate the US embassy to Jerusalem.

Furthermore, Trump has openly criticized prominent Democrat figures, including Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, for attacking Israel’s conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“I think it’s a terrible thing to do,” Trump told the Israeli newspaper when asked about Schumer’s recent call for Netanyuhu’s ouster through the holding of new elections in Israel.

He also told Israel Hayom that his reaction to the Hamas attack would have been in “very much the same way” but said he was worried about the public perception of the conflict due to the widespread destruction in Gaza see in Israeli military footage.

“I think that’s one of the reasons that there has been a lot of kickback. If people didn’t see that, every single night I’ve watched every single one of those. And I think Israel wanted to show that it’s tough, but sometimes you shouldn’t be doing that,” Trump explained.

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