They Want Him To Quit?!

( – As an independent candidate for the White House, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. claimed that he would be the “best environment president in American history,” drawing from his past as a lawyer who pursued polluters in New York.

However, many of Kennedy’s former colleagues at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) urged him to step away from the race. The NRDC’s political arm plans to publish full-page ads in six swing states, expressing this sentiment.

In addition, a dozen national environmental organizations have written an open letter, labeling Kennedy Jr. as a “dangerous conspiracy theorist and a science denier” due to his views on vaccines and climate change.

These efforts suggested that while Kennedy might not clinch the presidency, he could divert votes away from Biden, which potentially aid former President Donald Trump, who has been critical of climate change efforts.

In response, the former Democrat, now independent candidate, refuted the notion that he could influence Trump’s return to the White House, stating, “President Biden does not need my help to lose to Donald Trump.”

Moreover, Kennedy criticized Biden as well as the environmental movement, which he said, “is making a mistake to settle for crumbs that have been given to us by the Biden administration.”

Many environmental activists are also opposed to carbon capture technology because they want the nation to stop burning fossil fuels and instead switch to wind, solar and other nonpolluting energy sources.

Kennedy’s views on climate change, while acknowledging its reality, are unorthodox. He opposes a “war on carbon” and criticizes federal subsidies for carbon capture technology, advocating instead for market solutions.

Despite Kennedy’s environmental achievements, which included work with the Riverkeeper organization, the political ad does not mention his past accomplishments.

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