OUTRAGE: Terrorist Released Into US

(TheProudRepublic.com) – In a twisted and repulsive move in the hands of the White House, an illegal alien from Afghanistan pertaining to an Islamic terrorist group has been freely walking the U.S. streets.

This unlawful development occurred after the Biden administration allowed him entry to the country after he crossed the southern border, which confirms that Joe Biden has terrorists as allies.

NBC News reported that 48-year-old Mohammad Kharwin has been moving around the country since border authorities in 2023 released him. His freedom in the U.S. is notable due to his alleged affiliation with Hezb-e-Islami, or HIG, a group the White House recognized as a terrorist organization.

The Director of National Intelligence described Hezb-e-Islami as a group vehemently opposed to Western ideals, which aims to supplant the Afghan Government supported by the West with one based on Islamic law.

Despite his arrest last month, an immigration judge under the Department of Justice, who apparently was not informed of Kharwin’s terrorist affiliations released the illegal Afghan. After posting a $12,000 bond, Kharwin was let go without any restrictions on his movements within the nation.

The decision of the Biden administration to let him free was because of insufficient corroborative evidence of his terrorist affiliations, though specifics of what information was lacking were not disclosed.

Since his release, Kharwin has sought asylum and work authorization and has taken domestic flights within the U.S. His next court appearance is scheduled for the following year.

This incident echoes a similar case where an individual, reportedly a member of al-Shabaab, a terrorist group loyal to al-Qaeda and recognized as such by the U.S. State Department since 2008, wandered the U.S. for nearly a year.

In March 2023, according to an internal federal memo, federal authorities caught a terrorist illegally crossing the southern border, then shortly thereafter released him into the country, where he stayed before he was arrested recently in Minnesota.

Al-Shabaab has been noted for its attacks on U.S. citizens and is deemed one of the wealthiest components of al-Qaeda as of 2022.

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