NOW: Crime Unseen in 20 Years

( – In a terrifying development and a new testimony to the left’s abject failure to cope with crime, Democrat-run New York City has seen its highest spike in serious crimes in the past 20 years, according to leaked data – just as Mayor Eric Adams has been claiming otherwise.

The 20-year peak in the occurrence of serious crimes in NYC is revealed by confidential data from the NYPD acquired by The New York Post.

This increase contrasts sharply with Mayor Eric Adams’s repeated assertions that “crime is down” in the city, the newspaper points out.

During Adams’s tenure, for two consecutive years, there has been an uptick in overall criminal activity, propelled by a significant rise in assaults, which approached 28,000 instances for the first time in the recorded history of the city, as noted in the police department’s ongoing report.

This report tracks the count of seven major felony offenses from the time of arrest through to when the cases are forwarded to district attorneys, who then make a decision on whether to escalate, reduce, or maintain the initial charge.

For example, an individual who commits assault might initially face a misdemeanor charge, but if the victim’s condition deteriorates, the charge could be elevated to a felony.

The aggregate of major felonies, which encompasses murder, rape, robbery, assault, burglary, grand larceny, and car theft, serves as a standard measure for assessing the city’s year-over-year success in law enforcement.

The administration has highlighted its targeted policing efforts towards reducing the rates of murders and gun violence, both of which have significantly declined under Adams’s leadership, the report notes.

Adams, who has a background as a police captain and aligns with moderate Democratic principles, has advocated for a more stringent criminal justice system, emphasizing the need for reforms in recidivism and bail policies.

However, he has encountered resistance from the Democrat majority in both Albany and the local City Council, the latter rejecting his veto against the “How Many Stops” policing bill.

“Adam is a victim of Albany as are the rest of New Yorkers. He can’t control Albany but he has to deploy his cops to somehow control crime,” stated Hank Sheinkopf, a Democrat consultant.

Despite Adams championing his achievements in the fight against crime, citing a marginal reduction in crime rates by the end of 2023, early indications suggest that these celebrations were premature, the Post observes.

The count of the seven major crimes in 2023 increased to 127,111, factoring in around 430 upgrades, marking the highest record since 2006 for the second consecutive year, as per police data.

There’s a potential for the situation to worsen, as historically, up to 800 crimes receive upgrades in the rolling report annually before the year’s final figures are compiled.

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