NEW: Criminal Probe of Lib Mayor

( – It turns out it’s not just his aides who are in trouble with the law, as the office of New York City’s Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has previously claimed – as the mayor himself is also under a federal investigation for receiving gifts and money from a foreign country in exchange for political favors.

According to several published accounts, there is an FBI inquiry into Mayor Eric Adams concerning allegations that he may have received complimentary upgrades on Turkish Airlines flights and foreign contributions for his 2021 mayoral campaign in return for political favors for Turkey’s government.

This probe is believed to be a segment of a larger investigation into potential corruption that includes Turkish airline officials, close associates of the mayor, and Adams himself, as reported by The Times.

The central focus of the federal investigation is whether Mayor Adams or individuals closely associated with him offered political concessions in return for these flight upgrades, particularly concerning the endorsement of a new Turkish consulate during his tenure as Brooklyn borough president, according to the report.

The Times’ informants allege that Adams was the beneficiary of these upgrades both in his capacity as the Brooklyn borough president and later as mayor.

These preferential treatments on Turkish Airlines, the national airline of Turkey, were apparently extended during both official and personal journeys.

“There is certainly some bad looks to this stuff,” commented David Katz, who has previously served as an assistant U.S. attorney, as cited by Fox 5.

The investigation also uncovered that Turkish officials solicited Adams’ assistance to address building safety infractions hindering the opening of the new Turkish consulate high-rise in Manhattan.

Allegedly, Adams engaged with the then FDNY commissioner while he was still the borough president to discuss these issues.

In a notable development last November, the FBI conducted a raid on the residence of Mayor Adams’ principal campaign fundraiser, followed a week later by the confiscation of his cell phones.

“I don’t think they can prove there was a quid pro quo. Can they prove that there was a quid? Yes, he got upgrades, but they can’t prove there was a quo. They can’t prove he did anything corrupt for Turkish Airlines or the government of Turkey in exchange… If they can prove that, the FBI has a stronger case, no doubt about it, but I still think on balance, the mayor will not be indicted as a result of this investigation,” Katz predicted.

As of now, no charges of misconduct have been levied against Adams.

“As Borough President, the Mayor consistently disclosed his official travel to Turkey, did not receive any improper upgrades and did nothing inappropriate in exchange for an upgrade. Speculation is not evidence,” Adams’ lawyer Brendan McGuire said.

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