New Biden Impeachable Crime?!

( – Chaos and corruption take over the current administration as House Republicans are intensifying their scrutiny over Joe Biden’s possible involvement in his son Hunter Biden’s polemic decision to defy the law itself.

Hunter Biden decided to defy a congressional subpoena earlier this month, and his actions have ignited a controversial debate, with some suggesting it could potentially be an impeachable offense.

The central stage of this unfolding drama is the House Oversight Committee, House Judiciary Committee, and House Ways & Means Committee. These committees have taken a significant step by launching an investigation to determine if there are sufficient grounds to draft articles of impeachment against President Biden. The House formalized this inquiry earlier in December.

Chairmen James Comer of the House Oversight Committee and Jim Jordan of the House Judiciary Committee are at the forefront of this inquiry. In a letter to White House Counsel Edward Siskel, which Fox News Digital obtained, they outlined the new direction of their investigation.

Comer and Jordan are probing a statement from the White House indicating President Biden knew in advance that his son would defy two congressional subpoenas. This revelation has led them to consider whether the President might have been part of a conspiracy to obstruct a congressional proceeding, a serious allegation that could have far-reaching implications.

The focus of the subpoenas was Hunter Biden’s deposition, which both Chairmen Comer and Jordan had planned to hold simultaneously. However, Hunter Biden chose to make a public statement at the Capitol instead of appearing for the deposition, accompanied by his attorney and Representative Eric Swalwell. His remarks, which touched on his business activities and his father’s alleged involvement, have further fueled the committee’s investigation.

Adding to the complexity, Comer and Jordan highlighted a statement from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. She indicated that President Biden was aware of what his son was going to say, raising questions about the President’s prior knowledge of his son’s decision to defy the subpoenas.

The Chairmen cited the criminal code, emphasizing that it’s unlawful to obstruct or impede a congressional inquiry. They are now investigating whether President Biden played a role in his son’s actions, which could be seen as an attempt to obstruct the committee’s proceedings.

In their letter, Comer and Jordan also challenged President Biden’s previous statements regarding his interactions with his son’s business partners, suggesting that the President may have been more involved than he has admitted.

The inquiry’s intensity is heightened by the Chairmen’s demand for all documents and communications related to Hunter Biden’s deposition, including communications with his law firm and any statements made by the President about his family’s business associates.

The January 10 deadline set by Comer and Jordan for the production of these documents adds a sense of urgency to this high-stakes political drama, where allegations of obstruction, potential misconduct, and the specter of impeachment loom large.