Georgia Republicans Looking To ‘Neuter’ Fani Willis

Georgia’s legislators possess the power to reduce Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’ influence by cutting funding to her office and then pursuing her impeachment, according to Georgia state Sen. Colton Moore during a Newsmax interview.

Earlier in the week, Willis’ team indicted Donald Trump and 18 of his associates concerning their actions to challenge his 2020 election defeat in Georgia. Prosecutors utilized a legal provision commonly linked with organized crime to allege that Trump, his legal representatives, and other assistants were involved in a conspiracy to maintain his position.

Moore, a member of the Republican Party, remarked on Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” that the state’s legislative body is tasked with supervising both the judiciary and the executive. “It’s my duty as a state senator to uphold my responsibilities,” Moore emphasized, declaring his intent to initiate a special session with the aim of firstly reducing funding to the DA’s office and then scrutinizing and possibly impeaching her.

Though Willis holds an elected county position, Moore believes that legislative oversight remains, including the capacity to push for her impeachment.

Moore reminded listeners that the election results in Georgia required 19 days for certification, and contended that those indicted were merely exercising their First Amendment rights to voice concerns over election credibility. He also critiqued some of the accusations linked with social media posts, labeling the actions as unprecedented. Moore went on to depict her actions as tyrannical, and expressed disagreement with taxpayer money supporting such political actions.

On the topic of impeachment, Moore suggested it might revolve around an alleged breach of oath by Willis, claiming she infringed on individuals’ First Amendment rights, asserting political motivations behind her moves. He pointed out instances like charges against Trump appearing online prematurely as indicative of political maneuvering.

Moore went on to highlight his concerns about Willis’ handling of the Trump case, suggesting she’s challenging constitutional norms. He also highlighted concerns about the treatment of prisoners in Fulton County, contrasting the speed of their proceedings with those indicted in the Trump case.

Concluding his statement, Moore stressed the importance of transparency and the need to prevent potential misuse of taxpayer funds for political agendas.