Eco-Terrorism Promoted Where?!

( – Demonstrating that hard-left-elitist universities have terrorists as allies and could not care less about its students’ syllabus, Harvard Law School is at the center of controversy for its decision to showcase the film ‘How To Blow Up A Pipeline,’ which might promote eco-terrorism according to the FBI.

Daniel Goldhaber, a Harvard alum and director of the movie, expressed that the film springs from Andreas Malm’s similarly titled book and narrates a tale of youthful activists resorting to detonating a pipeline as a form of protest.

Intriguingly, the movie’s digital home features a “Take Action” segment complete with a map pinpointing U.S. oil and gas conduits.

The event will not just stop at a mere screening. Professor Jon Hanson from Harvard Law School is set to moderate a dialogue with Goldhaber, which urged all students with a deep interest in environmental activism to join.

Hanson’s Systemic Justice Project website described the narrative as the adventurous endeavor of activists aimed at pipeline destruction.

The FBI, alongside 23 other law enforcement groups, raised alarms over potential inspirations for eco-terrorism stemming from the movie. Likеwise, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firеarms, and Explosives flaggеd the film as a possible catalyst for attacks on crucial infrastructure across the nation.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticized the Ivy League institution on social media for allegedly endorsing “domestic eco-terrorism.” Cruz drew a stark comparison and suggested a stark bias in the treatment of hypothetical scenarios involving different ideological stances.

“If a Republican were teaching how to blow up an abortion center they would (rightly) be in jail,” Cruz stated. “Of course, the Biden DOJ will do…nothing.”

Furthermore, Representative Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) reflected on Cruz’s criticism and denounced Harvard for backing films that, in his view, encourage domestic terrorism.

Crenshaw criticized the Biden administration for its inaction and contrasted it with its approach towards labeling parents as terrorist threats, which highlighted a perceived double standard.

Its author, Andreas Malm, expressed to The New York Times a readiness to engage in such extreme acts of protest if deemed tactically beneficial and acknowledged his participation in militant climate activism to the extent possible.

Amidst this backdrop, Professor Hanson finds himself implicated in a lawsuit by Harvard Jewish students, which alleged selective enforcement of the university’s policies, particularly around the defense of Hamas and derogatory remarks about Israeli Jews.

Harvard University has remained silent in response to inquiries regarding the screening. Conversely, the American Gas Association emphasized its commitment to safeguarding the energy infrastructure against potential threats.

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