Dem Senator: ‘It Really Helps Donald Trump’

Donald Trump

( – Highlighting the partisan retaliation against the frontrunner in the 2024 presidential election, the recent decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to exclude former President Donald Trump from the state’s 2024 ballot has sparked significant debate from all political corners.

Former Democratic Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, known for her straightforward political insights, shared her perspective on MSNBC’s program with Joe Scarborough. Despite her strong opposition to Trump, which she expressed in November by comparing him unfavorably to Adolf Hitler, McCaskill views the court’s decision as potentially advantageous to Trump’s political narrative.

“As somebody who is a politician, I think it’s a real bad decision because I think it really helps Donald Trump,” McCaskill stated during the MSNBC segment. She elaborated on her stance, underscoring her discomfort with any outcome that could bolster Trump’s already strengthened position.

She continued:

“And I don’t like anything that helps Donald Trump. I find myself in a weird position of agreeing with Bill Barr in terms of it helping him. It does help him and so, in a perfect world, if I could write the script, the Supreme Court would put him back on the ballot and then he would be defeated soundly. That’s what I want in my Christmas stocking this year.”

This perspective aligns with U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr’s statement during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper. Barr warned of potential “chaos” in future elections and raised questions about the due process of the case, noting the absence of a jury or subpoenaed witnesses to substantiate claims of Trump’s incitement of insurrection.

The Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling has attracted sharp criticism. Chief Justice Brian Boatright and two associate justices dissented, arguing that state law wasn’t designed to assess a candidate’s involvement in insurrection.

Additionally, it’s noteworthy that the four justices who supported the ruling have histories of contributing to Democratic candidates, as indicated by Federal Election Commission records. For instance, Justice Melissa Hart donated nearly $20,000 to Democrats in federal elections in 2008, and William Hood has contributed over $5,000 to Democratic entities.

This development comes amidst ongoing legal scrutiny of Trump by Special Counsel Jack Smith, although Trump has not been formally charged with inciting an insurrection related to the January 6 events.