Biden ‘Out of Touch’

Joe Biden

( – The numbers don’t lie, and they spell DISASTER for Joe Biden ahead of the 2024 election as a CNN analyst warned that he could face significant challenges if he fails to shift public perception.

During his appearance on “CNN This Morning,” Errol Louis pointed out that while the economy is a critical issue for voters, current polls suggest Biden’s handling of it might not be resonating positively with the public. This sentiment is partly attributed to inflation and some perceptions about economic conditions.

Joe Biden, in response to a question about the economic outlook for the new year, confidently stated that the situation is “all good” and urged the media to report it accurately. He has previously criticized the press for allegedly focusing more on negative aspects of his administration than on positive developments.

However, Steve Moore, Chief Economist at FreedomWorks, expressed a different view. He suggested that Biden’s optimistic public comments about the economy might seem disconnected from the reality experienced by average Americans.

Moore highlighted the tangible financial strain felt by many, noting that the average American family has lost approximately $2,000 in purchasing power due to inflation.

Moore also pointed to rising personal and national debt as key factors contributing to American pessimism about the economy. He cited figures showing a $6 trillion increase in national debt over three years and personal credit card debt reaching $1.1 trillion.

A recent Fox News poll underscores this sentiment, indicating that only 14% of Americans feel Biden’s economic policies have benefited them, while nearly half believe these policies have financially harmed them. This pessimism is not limited to one political party; the poll reveals that a significant majority of Democrats, Republicans, and independents view the economy negatively.

The challenges Biden faces in convincing the American public of the positive aspects of his economic policies and in addressing concerns about inflation, debt, and financial well-being can be his doom ahead of the 2024 election.