Biden Denies the Truth

( – Reflecting his refusal to accept a harsh reality, Joe Biden has consistently dismissed his party’s concerns about his polling numbers, asserting that the media is focusing on unfavorable surveys while ignoring others that supposedly show him in a stronger position.

His attitude remains unshaken despite a recent survey by The Wall Street Journal revealing a 61% disapproval rate for his job performance, which starkly contrasts with the 37% approval rate.

David Axelrod, senior adviser to former President Obama, expressed his concern, describing Biden’s polling situation as “very, very dark” for his re-election prospects. However, Biden has been resolute in his response to this growing unease. According to Politico, this month, Biden has thrice refuted polls indicating he is lagging behind former President Donald Trump or other Republican contenders.

A notable instance occurred recently when Biden exited his campaign headquarters in Wilmington, Delaware. In response to a reporter’s question about trailing Trump in national polls, Biden retorted, “You have the wrong polls.”

In an event in Chicago in November, Biden addressed a group of donors, claiming that while the media was fixated on two particular polls, ten other surveys showed him in the lead. His campaign had previously circulated a memo to media outlets, highlighting surveys from NPR/PBS/Marist, Yahoo News/YouGov, USA/Suffolk, and Quinnipiac University, showing Biden either ahead or tied with Trump.

Additionally, at Maryland’s Joint Base Andrews, Biden challenged the press’s interpretation of polls, stating, “Ten polls. Eight of them I’m beating him in those states. Eight of them. You guys only do two, CNN and New York Times.”

However, recent polls continue to suggest a challenging landscape for Biden. A Bloomberg/Morning Consult poll indicates that Trump holds a 5-point lead over Biden across seven swing states, with two states showing results outside the margin of error. Furthermore, an Emerson College survey reveals a 4-point lead for Trump, coupled with a mere 41% overall approval rating for Biden, dipping to 35% among voters aged 18 to 24.

The Wall Street Journal has reported that many voters recall Trump’s presidency favorably, presenting Biden with the dual task of elevating his own approval ratings while countering Trump’s positive polling figures.