ALERT: Invasion Imminent

( – BREAKING NOW: Israel’s ground assault into the Gaza Strip appears imminent. Early Friday, a significant border town was cleared, and numerous tanks were positioned at the border. This is where many soldiers, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, have gathered.

In recent days, Israeli leaders have been hinting that this ground invasion was coming. This was after they stationed about 300,000 troops near the border. This deployment was in reaction to an unexpected attack by Hamas on October 7. According to the Voice of America, this attack killed around 1,400 people, mainly civilians. Additionally, more than 200 individuals were taken hostage.

On Thursday, when addressing these troops, Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant mentioned that they would soon be entering Gaza. He said, “Whoever sees Gaza from afar will soon see it from the inside. The order will come.”

Around the same time, Economy Minister Nir Barkat stated that the Israeli Defense Forces had received approval to move against Gaza. Gaza is a land area of about 140 square miles between Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. Barkat communicated to ABC News his commitment to retrieve the hostages. However, he also emphasized that their primary focus is to neutralize Hamas.

It’s worth noting that Hamas alleges they have approximately 203 Israeli hostages. These hostages are supposedly held within a complex of tunnels beneath Gaza. Reacting to this, Barkat declared that these tunnels would turn into the “world’s biggest cemetery.”

By Friday, tanks seemed prepared for action, and there were reports of extensive airstrikes targeting Gaza. Israel has stated that they’ve targeted over 100 Hamas-related sites, including a tunnel and places storing weapons.

Israel has relocated its residents from communities close to both Gaza and Lebanon for safety. They have been housed in hotels in other parts of the nation. The Defense Ministry also revealed plans to evacuate Kiryat Shmona, a town near the Lebanese border with a population of over 20,000.

Nir Barkat clarified that the IDF’s goal is to eliminate the threat posed by the terrorist group, even if the operation lasts a year. He indicated that the well-being of hostages and potential civilian casualties are secondary concerns.