Nikki Haley Hits Biden Hard

Nikki Haley

( – Angry at the current state of the United States, former United Nations Ambassador and 2024 Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley expressed grave concerns about the direction the nation is headed under Joe Biden.

Speaking to Newsmax’s “Wake Up America” segment, she stated, “When people ask me what keeps me up at night, I always say between today and election day, because our enemies know this is the weakest we’ve ever been.”

She pointed to vulnerabilities such as the open southern border and perceived inaction from Biden on critical issues.

Haley highlighted that U.S. forces, including those of her husband, a combat veteran currently deployed, are facing threats in Iraq and Syria.

She lamented, “Look in Iraq and Syria right now. Our military men and women, I’m the wife of a combat veteran, and my husband’s deployed. The fact that [possibly Iranian] strikes are hitting military bases, and we’re not doing anything about it.” She further criticized Biden’s decision to grant a visa to the Iranian foreign minister, allowing him to visit New York, calling it “lunacy.”

Emphasizing the importance of international alliances, Haley drew attention to the strategic relationships between various countries.

She stressed the significance of supporting both Israel and Ukraine simultaneously, especially given the growing economic and military alliance between China, Russia, and Iran. “It is important that we do both. And the reason is this is a bigger picture. There’s an unholy alliance between China and Russia, who have named themselves unlimited partners, and Iran,” she remarked.

Discussing the geopolitical implications of these alliances, Haley explained that supporting Ukraine could deter China from moving against Taiwan. Similarly, aiding Israel indirectly helps Ukraine.

Haley cautioned against neglecting these allies, stating, “The worst signal we could send to the world is to say we’re going to drop Ukraine and now move on to Israel, because guess what? Eventually, we’re going to drop Israel, too.”

Haley contended that financial aid to Ukraine, even if it amounts to billions, is a fraction of what Biden plans to allocate for his “green subsidy” bill.

She emphasized the importance of supporting democratic allies and concluded with a poignant reminder: “This is about pro-American freedom loving democracies, and we should never be so arrogant to think America doesn’t need friends.”

Recalling the unity after the 9/11 attacks, she urged, “We need to stop acting like it’s Sept. 10, 2001.”