Enviro-Nuts’ Want ‘Global Shakedown’

(TheProudRepublic.com) – Far-left climate crazies have come up with a new plan to hand out American taxpayers’ money to corrupt Third World countries, but, hopefully, the lefty scheme for a global “climate reparations” fund is doomed to failure, as experts predict.

The concept of contributing substantial American taxpayer funds to an international “climate reparations” fund, a scheme with limited impact on climate change anyway, is unlikely to progress beyond discussion stages, energy experts told The Daily Caller.

In November 2022, President Joe Biden’s climate envoy, John Kerry, agreed to a global “climate reparations” fund.

The report notes that environmental advocates and leaders from developing nations have advocated for a “climate losses and damages fund.”

During the 2022 United Nations (UN) climate conference, there was an acknowledgment of environmentalists’ appeals, leading to an initial agreement to create a “climate losses and damages fund.”

However, as the upcoming COP28 climate conference nears, the proposed fund has become a contentious issue. The US has proposed the World Bank manage the fund, but some developing countries have objected due to the US influence within the institution.

Meanwhile, China may not be required to contribute to the fund, as it is still classified as a “developing country” by the UN, according to China Dialogue.

Kerry has recently refuted the idea that the fund amounts to climate reparations.

“How can you look somebody in the eye, with a straight face, and not accept the notion that there are damages, there are losses? We see them all around the world,” he told The Guardian.

Dan Kish, a senior research fellow at the Institute for Energy Research, slammed the leftist plan.

“Forking over billions to third-world kleptocracies so they can stuff their Swiss bank accounts with taxpayer money will repulse most Americans. Impoverishing Americans to make people around the world stay poor is a plan only John Kerry could support,” Kish declared.

Tom Pyle, President of the American Energy Alliance, blasted the fund proposal as “frivolous and fantastical.”

“I have to hand it to them: they keep coming up with new and clever ways to redistribute wealth,” he said.

“[The Biden administration] will bend over backwards to create the appearance that this is a priority for them, but the reality is that Congress will never appropriate a dime for this, even if the Democrats somehow managed to control both chambers,” the expert predicted.