White House Pushes Their Biggest Lie Yet

Photo by David Everett Strickler on Unsplash

During a Press conference on Monday (May 1), White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre suggested illegal immigration was down 90 percent because of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies, prompting backlash from Twitter users.

Jean-Pierre’s comments came in response to a reporter who asked the White House Press Secretary how Biden plans to deal with illegal immigration.

The press secretary claimed that Biden had already been trying to address a “broken” immigration system from the first day of his administration while touting Biden’s supposed successes.

Jean-Pierre suggested Biden has “tools that he’s used” to ensure that the broken immigration system is fixed, adding that the administration was treating immigrants humanely so that it “actually deals with what we’re seeing at the border.”

She added that the “parolee program” has been “so successful” that in terms of illegal immigration, it had dropped by 90 percent.

The White House Press Secretary admitted that more action needs to be taken, adding that this action needs to be legislative — urging Congress to introduce legislation to address the crisis.

Social media users attacked the claim that illegal immigration has dropped by more than 90 percent since illegal border crossings reached record levels numerous times with Biden at the helm, with many believing his policies have exacerbated the problem.

Chuck Ross, an investigative reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, queried whether Jean-Pierre’s comments were “the biggest lie from the White House podium this year.”

Karen Townsend, contributing editor for HotAir, a conservative publication, queried how Jean-Pierre still has the job, while Mike Sperazza, host of the Financial Guys podcast, suggested the Biden administration thinks the American public is “stupid.”