White House Hiding Dark Truth From Americans

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

The sudden cessation of an investigation into the discovery of cocaine in the West Wing has left a number of Secret Service agents intensely frustrated. Dan Bongino, a former agent, suggested that investigators likely have a solid lead on the individual responsible.

During a discussion with Mary Margaret Olohan, a reporter for Daily Signal, which was later shared on Twitter, Bongino argued that the list of potential culprits could be narrowed down to fewer than 200 people.

The former intelligence officer pointed out that the cocaine was found inside a nonporous, plastic bag, making it quite feasible to obtain a latent fingerprint.

Bongino insisted that the authorities must have a good idea of the identity of the person responsible. However, he questioned the possible sources of pressure that might be obstructing the investigation, hinting at the possibility of interference from the current administration. “This is awful,” he added.

Bongino implored the Biden administration not to undermine the Secret Service in the same way he believes the FBI has been compromised, calling such behavior highly inappropriate.

Several of his former colleagues, now retired from the Secret Service, expressed their outrage over the situation, he reported. “I’ve received numerous messages expressing dismay and humiliation,” he said. “These individuals, many of whom served under the administrations of former Presidents Obama and Bush, are primarily nonpartisan. They find the current situation deeply embarrassing.”

When questioned on the speculation that those suppressing the investigation may be trying to protect President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, Bongino responded by suggesting it could be either Hunter or one of his acquaintances.

Reflecting on his 12-year tenure in the Secret Service, Bongino pointed out that they never faced such issues in the past.

Applying Occam’s razor, the principle of choosing the simplest explanation, he suggested that it wouldn’t be too hard to deduce who might be responsible. “We have a known drug user, documented on tape, with a notorious reputation, residing in the White House. The substance was discovered on Sunday following his Friday visit. It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots,” he implied.