White House Doubles Down On Biden’s Promise

Photo by Tabrez Syed on Unsplash

Will Biden be successful?

In an attempt to launch Biden’s second year in office with a win, the White House has started playing the offensive with the nomination of the incoming Supreme Court justice, while insisting the high court should be above political games.

This offensive approach is the Biden administration’s last-ditch attempt to use the evenly split Senate and lack of filibuster –– on the appointment of a Supreme Court justice –– to its advantage, drawing widespread criticism from Republicans.

In response to this criticism of the unnamed Supreme Court nominee, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki condemned the GOP as “radical,” saying the party had “obliterated their own credibility.”

However, Republicans contend Biden wasn’t transparent during his 2020 campaign as he had not revealed a list of candidates.

They also believe that the move to confirm the first Black woman to the high court bench is to “appease the base just in time for November,” rather than appoint the best candidate.
Speaking on the matter, Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, said that the unrelenting pressure exerted on Breyer, 83, to retire while the party controlled Congress and there was a Democratic President in the White House was “even more relevant now.”

Pointing to Biden’s failed legislature: Build Back Better Act, Voting legislation, and the Green New Deal, Anderson revealed she believed the Democrats’ push to replace Breyer “is an intentional effort to appease the base just in time for November.” She also noted her thoughts on the move being “a voter turnout strategy for Democrats who have failed to pass a radical leftist agenda that satisfies the left-wing of their party.”

This idea is shared with many within Democratic leadership, who believe that this is an opportunity for Democrats to reintroduce Biden as an ally among Black Democrats before the 2022 midterms. Given the importance of the community in helping him win the 2020 South Africa primary, eventually leading him to become the country’s President, regaining support among Black voters is vital.
However, the move could also revive Biden’s dismal poll numbers.

This week skeptics of Biden’s appointment of the Supreme Court’s first black woman justice were slammed by Psaki as “ludicrous.”

Pundits disagree.

The Tea Party Patriots Action’s honorary chairwoman, Jenny Beth Martin, is one such pundit.
According to the Washington Examiner, Martin voiced her view that Biden’s and Democrats’ “love of identity politics” would be making a mockery of the Supreme Court,” saying that the selection criteria wasn’t about nominating “the best Supreme Court justice available” but checking off “two boxes on a personnel form.”