VIDEO: Tucker Marches for Freedom WHERE?!

Tucker Carlson

( – In a show of strong support for freedom, prominent journalist and talk show host Tucker Carlson has been spotted in Madrid, actively participating in the ongoing rallies organized by the conservative opposition.

These protests, lasting over a week, are directed against the socialist government under Pedro Sánchez’s leadership. Carlson’s presence was initially revealed through a Twitter post where he appeared alongside Santiago Abascal, the leader of the Spanish conservative Vox political party.

Watch the video below.

Numerous photos circulated on social media soon confirmed Carlson’s involvement in the protests at Madrid’s city center. These demonstrations are centered around the government’s proposed legal reform, which aims to grant amnesty to individuals convicted of plotting a coup d’état for Catalonian independence. Sánchez’s objective behind this reform is to garner the support of these convicted plotters in Congress, thereby securing his extension as president for another term.

Madrid has witnessed 11 days of sustained protests against the government’s plan to pardon Catalonian politicians who executed a parliamentary coup against Spain in 2017. This political unrest has drawn the attention of the English-speaking media, showcasing an unprecedented level of conservative political mobilization in the streets. The protests, which began earlier in the month outside the headquarters of the Spanish Socialist Workers Party (PSOE), have been occurring daily, attracting a considerable segment of the Spanish electorate.

From the onset of these demonstrations, the Spanish government has heavily relied on police forces to barricade areas around the PSOE headquarters, aiming to block protesters’ access. This weekend, the Spanish National Police also thwarted attempts by a large group of protesters to camp in front of the PSOE headquarters.

Meanwhile, the moderate-conservative Popular Party, which garnered the most votes in the previous elections and currently leads the opposition, organized a series of substantial protests in the main streets of the province.

The government, alongside its parliamentary coalition, persists in its effort to pass an amnesty law for the Catalonian coup plotters. This law is a key demand of the Junts and Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya parties, and is crucial for Sánchez to secure their votes in Congress, enabling him to be reelected as president.

Several legal institutions and associations have raised alarms about the potential repercussions of this reform. They caution that it could threaten the independence of the judiciary in Spain and undermine the rule of law.