VIDEO: Space Rocket Explodes

( – Unfolding a shocking event that left the Japanese community speechless, a Japanese solid-fuel rocket, known as Kairos, exploded catastrophically just moments into its debut launch.

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Private firm Space One operated the rocket, which was aimed to be the first Japanese company to successfully deploy a satellite into orbit.

Launched from the Kii Peninsula in western Japan at 11:01 a.m., Kairos ascended into the sky, only to encounter disaster five seconds after liftoff. The rocket’s midsection erupted in a sizable explosion, which engulfed the craft in flames and smoke.

Officially named the Kii-based Advanced & Instant Rocket System, Kairos carried an experimental government satellite intended to serve as a temporary replacement for intelligence satellites should they drift out of orbit.

Following the launch failure, Space One rapidly announced the termination of the flight and initiated an investigation into the incident. Debris from the explosion scattered across the surrounding mountains and sea.

Governor of the local Wakayama government, Shuhei Kishimoto, revealed that the autonomous flight termination system was activated due to a malfunction, though specifics regarding the problem remained undisclosed.

Kairos incorporated a flight termination system which was designed with high levels of automation.

Fortunately, the launch site reported no injuries and authorities managed to extinguish a fire that erupted following the explosion.

The launch was originally scheduled for last Saturday but the mission was postponed to Wednesday due to a vessel’s intrusion into the restricted sea area nearby.

Space One has outlined ambitious plans, which include streamlining launch operations and conducting more than 20 launches annually.

The calamity with Kairos marked the latest setback for Japan’s budding space program. In mid-July, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Epsilon S Engine experienced an explosion during a test while the H-3 rocket had to be destroyed during its inaugural flight last March due to a malfunctioning second-stage engine.

Despite these challenges, Japan celebrated successes such as landing its first lunar probe on the moon, although it encountered difficulties when the probe tipped over upon landing which resulted in a prolonged re-establishment of connection.

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