VIDEO: Landslide Wipes Out Homes

( – In a horrific incident likely caused by a combination of geology and weather factors, a formidable landslide has torn through a California neighborhood, a Los Angeles suburb, obliterating several homes.

See aerial footage of the landslide damage below!  

The natural disaster in Sherman Oaks, California, occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

It caused significant damage to at least two of the local houses, as visible by the aerial footage, The Hill reports.

This geological event was first noted around 3 a.m. on the 3700 block of North Ventura Canyon Avenue, adjacent to Rand Drive.

The helicopter footage captured by Sky5, a helicopter belonging to Nexstar’s KTLA, at 7 a.m. illustrated the aftermath where the terrain beneath a residence on Ventura Canyon collapsed, leading to the landslide.

The force of the earth moving resulted in debris entering and damaging properties situated below, with the impact being so severe that it compromised the integrity of at least one swimming pool.

“One of the homes actually had their swimming pool damaged and basically almost exploded,” commented Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Weireter in an interview with KTLA.

To mitigate further damage, emergency responders were seen utilizing pumps to remove water from the swimming pool of the house situated directly above the landslide, aiming to lessen the burden on the already stressed infrastructure.

The landslide also impacted a house undergoing renovations, which subsequently required an official notice that the property was unsafe for occupation (red-tagged).

Captain Weireter provided reassurance by stating, “For the home that was severely damaged [red-tagged], nobody was home at the time.”

Moreover, three individuals residing in the other affected homes were promptly evacuated after their homes were marked with yellow tags, indicating restricted use.

Efforts were being made to allow their return.

“We’re looking to hopefully get those folks back into their homes at some point this morning,” Weireter said.

Officials from the building and safety department, alongside Los Angeles Fire Department personnel, were present at the site to assess the potential risk to surrounding properties. Weireter described the situation as stable but with an existing hazard.

“Obviously, the risk is there … We’re at a static situation where it’s not really moving at this point,” he said, advocating for a contingency plan among the community,” he declared.

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