VIDEO: Judge Attacks Trump’s Lawyer

( – In what could seemingly be described as outrageous behavior for a magistrate, the judge presiding over the trial in Donald Trump’s $250 million Democrat-led civil lawsuit yelled at the former president’s lawyer, slammed a table, and engaged in other “unhinged” actions.

After the 45th president of the United States took the stand in the civil fraud trial on Monday, one of his lawyers, Alina Habba, openly criticized Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Arthur Engoron.

She qualified Engoron as “unhinged” following an incident where she claimed he pounded on a table during Trump’s testimony, Breitbart News reports.

During a break, Habba accused the justice of bias, alleging that Engoron had decided about Trump’s culpability before the trial.

“[The judge] has already predetermined that my client committed fraud before we even walked into this courtroom,” she said.

“‘I’m not here to hear what he has to say,’” the judge stated regarding Trump’s testimony, according to the former president’s attorney.

“Then why exactly am I being paid as an attorney, and why exactly are taxpayer dollars being used in this courtroom?” Habba asked.

“The answer is very clear: because Miss James wants to stand right here like she did this morning and call my client a liar, call the company fraudulent and make a name for herself,” she added, referring to NY’s Democrat AG, Letitia James.

“[James] said this morning that the numbers don’t lie and they won’t lie in this case. Well, Miss James, I have a message for you: The numbers didn’t lie when you ran for governor, and that’s why you dropped out, and the numbers don’t lie when President Trump runs for office in 2024, and those numbers are loud and clear,” the former president’s lawyer asserted.

Habba described being silenced and admonished by Engoron.

“Everyone has a right in this country to get up and put a defense. I don’t care who you are. You have a right to hire a lawyer who can put objections on the record. You have a right to hire a lawyer who can stand up and say something when they see something wrong, but I was told to sit down today, I was yelled at and I’ve had a judge who was unhinged slamming a table. Let me be very clear: I don’t tolerate that in my life. I’m not going to tolerate it here,” Habba said.