VIDEO: Florida Facing Major New Crisis

Photo by Karl Callwood on Unsplash

A Florida-based user shared on Twitter a video featuring what appears to be a fight breaking out at a pump in southern Florida. The region is currently experiencing a significant gas shortage.

The woman, whose Twitter handle is @TrainLikeDime posted a video in which she showed four people allegedly fighting over who would be able to use the gas pump next. While in the clip it is clear that the three drivers are arguing, the topic of their discussions is not clear. The woman who posted the video also disclosed that it took her 40 minutes to get gas.

Other Twitter users were quick to join the discussion and share their experiences and stories about being unable to find gas because of the gas shortage, with many posting signs of pumps with the words “No gas” on them. CBS News Miami correspondent Christian Benavides also took to Twitter to post “So… what gas station in South Florida still has gas?,” with an image of a gas station in Doral that still had gas.

Due to the extreme weather last week Southern Florida has had to deal with a shortage of gas. The flooding, in particular, contributed to the disruption of the distribution of gas as many trucks were unable to make their regular fuel deliveries.

Over the weekend many news stations locally reported that there were long waiting times at pumps across the state, with the Miami Herald specifically noting that some drivers had to wait up to an hour in order to get gas on Sunday afternoon.