VIDEO: Families of American Hostages Demand THIS of Biden


( – In powerfully-worded statements, the families of four Americans abducted by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas in its recent attack against Israel have sent President Joe Biden a strong message, demanding that his administration take action to secure the release of their loved ones.

Over 1,200 Israelis and foreigners were killed, and hundreds were kidnapped on Saturday, the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, when Palestinian militants invaded Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip.

President Joe Biden confirmed in an address on Tuesday that 14 Americans had been killed in the attack.

Speaking in a press conference in Israel’s capital, Tel Aviv, on Tuesday, the relatives revealed the identities of the US citizens presumed kidnapped by the Hamas terrorists:

23-year-old Hersh Goldberg-Polin from California; 66-year-old California-born mother Adriene Neta; Itay Chen, an Israeli soldier, whose family is from New York City; and Sagui Dekel-Chen, 35, whose family is from Connecticut.

The kidnap victims’ families demanded actions from US leaders to ascertain their whereabouts and secure their release, National Review reports.

“[President Joe Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken are] responsible to bring the US citizens back home safe and sound. We expect nothing less from the US administration,” declared Nahar Neta, son of Adriene Neta, during Tuesday’s press conference.

New York City native Rubi Chen, whose son Itay Chen, an Israeli Defense Force soldier, is among the missing, urged the US to leverage its resources and capabilities to assist in locating and recovering the hostages.

“The US has a lot of resources at its attention. It is able to do many things that can be different than the Israelis can do,” he said.

Jonathan Dekel-Chen, whose son Sagui Dekel-Chen is also missing, emphasized the moral imperative for the US to act.

“It seems to me that the United States, my original home and still a very beloved place for me, always wants to be and must be on the side of good. Hamas is evil,” he stated.

The report stresses that the situation of the presumed hostages has become dire in the face of Israeli military action in the Gaza Strip and threats from Hamas to execute those abducted in retaliation. The terrorists are estimated to hold about 150 hostages, according to reports.