VIDEO: Crowd Loves Trump

Donald Trump

( – In raucous testimony to the massive popularity of Donald Trump among Americans nationwide, the appearance of the 45th president of the United States at UFC 296 brought about an explosion of cheering and applause.

A report by The Daily Caller featuring a video of the former president’s entrance at the sporting event on Saturday stresses that Trump continues to make a grand impression at UFC events, consistently drawing attention as a high-profile figure.

See the video below.

Last month, the former U.S. President was seen at the renowned Madison Square Garden in New York City for UFC 295.

He continued this trend by attending UFC 296 in Las Vegas on Saturday night.

This marks Trump’s fourth UFC pay-per-view attendance in 2023, following his appearances at UFC 287 in Miami and UFC 290 in Las Vegas.

Like his previous visits, Trump’s arrival at UFC 296 was met with great enthusiasm from the crowd, and he was in the company of notable figures.

UFC president Dana White, music icon Kid Rock, and actor Mario Lopez accompanied the former president at this event.

The scene underscored Trump’s continued prominence in the public eye, especially within the UFC community.

The report’s author – The Caller’s Andrew Powell – expresses a personal preference for another term of Trump’s presidency, reflecting on the excitement that his potential return to the White House would generate.

He does note his admiration for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Vivek Ramaswamy. Still, he maintains that Trump merits another term – meaning that those two should “battle it out” for the GOP nomination in four years, for the 2028 election.

This sentiment is rooted in a belief in Trump’s economic policies and the controversial nature of the 2020 election.

“Not only does he deserve [the 2024 Republican presidential nomination] because of the travesty which was the 2020 election and the brilliant economic policies that man has, but why wouldn’t you want this boss back in the White House? That aura? That swag?” Powell writes.

The author highlights Trump’s unique charisma and leadership style, suggesting that his return to the presidency would be a welcome development for patriotic and conservative Americans.