VIDEO: Biden Stumbles On Stairs – Again!

( – In yet another painful-to-watch “senior moment,” President Joe Biden has been caught on video seemingly tripping and almost falling – not once but twice – as he was boarding Air Force One even though he now uses the airplane’s shorter staircase, unlike any of his predecessors.

See the video of President Joe Biden nearly falling below!

The 81-year-old president suffered a loss of balance while ascending the steps to Air Force One on Tuesday, thus marking another episode in a series of close calls with the presidential aircraft.

This event occurred shortly after Biden saluted a military aide at the base of the staircase on Tuesday, as he was embarking on a journey to California for fundraising activities and a public appearance, The Daily Mail reports.

Merely five steps into his ascent, Biden unexpectedly faltered. However, he managed to avoid a fall and regained his balance thanks to holding onto the handrail.

This episode unfolded a day after the president was observed donning new, upscale black Hoka sneakers upon his return to Washington, DC, from Delaware on President’s Day.

On Tuesday, though, he was wearing black dress shoes with rubber soles, with the report noting he probably should have worn the sneakers again.

“You should have kept your sneakers on, Joe!” the article headline reads.

Biden now constantly chooses the shorter stairway that extends from beneath the aircraft over the longer one after he had several falls in the past couple of years.

The report notes that the longer stairway has been problematic during windy conditions and has been the site of previous missteps by the president, which have shocked the American public and cast severe questions about his health.

Biden’s recent stumble comes amid reports that the Secret Service has started positioning an agent at the base of the stairs as a precaution against possible falls by the president.

On Tuesday, an agent in plain clothes was observed at the foot of the staircase as Biden made his way up.

The White House has been compelled to address concerns regarding the president’s age following remarks from US Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s mishandling of classified government papers.

Hur concluded that the president should not be charged because he was a very elderly man with severe memory issues, meaning it would be hard to convict him.