Upcoming Midterms More Critical Than Ever

Photo by Mirah Curzer on Unsplash

According to an NBC poll, 57 percent of registered voters view this year’s midterms as more important than other Congressional contests.

NBC conducted the poll between October 14 – 18 in partnership with Hart Research Associates and Public Opinion Strategies. The network reported that the poll’s results display voter interest is higher this year than for past midterm elections.

When participants were asked to rate their level of interest in this year’s midterms on a scale of 1 to 10, 63 percent rated their interest as a 10; only 9 percent rated their interest as 5 or below.

The poll also shows how interest has increased the closer we get to the midterm elections.

When NBC conducted a similar poll in September, only 57 percent of registered voters rated their interest in the midterms as a ten on the scale.

October’s figures also represent the first time the poll has surpassed 60 percent during this election cycle.

October’s poll also showed that 57 percent of voters believe this year’s midterm elections are more important than past Congressional elections, a five-point jump from 2018’s figures.

Thirty-seven percent placed equal importance on this Congressional election as past ones, and 6 percent said this year’s midterms are less important.

As the countdown to the midterms is in full swing, Republicans and Democrats are pursuing undecided voters.

Republicans may have an advantage, as the NBC poll found more voters placed the economy as their top priority during the election cycle compared to any other issue.