TV Star Blames Biden Policy for Son’s Death

( – The increasingly disastrous consequences for this nation from Joe Biden’s illegal immigrant invasion are bound to emerge as a TV star has now blamed the fentanyl overdose death of his son on the president’s total failure to secure the Southern Border.

Rick Harrison, the main figure on the History Channel program “Pawn Stars,” has disclosed that his son Adam, aged 39, succumbed to a fentanyl overdose.

“Yes, I can confirm Adam died from a fentanyl overdose,” Harrison, who is 58 years old, declared to The New York Post on Monday.

This confirmation followed initial reports of Adam’s cause of death by TMZ.

“The fentanyl crisis in this country must be taken more seriously. It seems it is just flowing over the borders and nothing is being done about it. We must do better,” the TV star said.

A representative for Harrison informed that Adam passed away in Las Vegas, and the family received this news last Friday.

Harrison publicly addressed Adam’s passing for the first time on Instagram on the same day.

“You will always be in my heart! I love you Adam,” he declared, posting a photo where he is seen smiling with his son, who bears a striking resemblance to him, in a bar.

Corey, Adam’s brother, also paid homage to him on Instagram, posting an old photograph of the two as infants in a bathtub.

“Wax wtf I will always love you bubba,” he wrote, accompanying the nostalgic image.

Rick had Adam and Corey, now 40, with his first wife, Kim.

He also has another son, Jake, from his second marriage to Tracy.

The news outlet TMZ was the first to report on Adam’s death.

Since its inception in 2009, “Pawn Stars” has showcased the Harrison family’s involvement in their Las Vegas Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The show focuses on assessing items brought in by customers and making purchase offers.

Adam was never featured on the History Channel series and had seemingly distanced himself from the pawn business, according to TMZ.

Excluding Rick’s recent post, Adam is notably absent from his father’s Instagram, which otherwise includes pictures of other family members.