Tucker Exposes Fox Secret

Photo by Rubaitul Azad on Unsplash

Former Fox News anchor, Tucker Carlson, recently criticized the management at Fox News, the channel that let him go earlier this year, hinting at a perception of weak leadership.

“Throughout my time, the Murdochs always supported me,” commented Carlson on the latest broadcast of his video show on X, previously known as Twitter. “However, some in the company… It feels like it’s guided by hesitant women, if you catch my drift.”

While Carlson was with Fox News, he claims he never experienced direct restrictions on his commentary topics and doesn’t hold any resentment towards the network, despite them still having him under a contract.

Fox News decided to remove Carlson from their broadcasts in April, shortly after they settled with Dominion Voting Systems for $787 million over defamation claims relating to false assertions regarding their software.

During the Dominion lawsuit, a batch of Carlson’s internal communications revealed his dissatisfaction with Fox’s coverage post the 2020 elections and his comments about female executives at the network.

Subsequently, Media Matters for America released previously unseen footage of Carlson making inappropriate remarks while on the set of his Fox News show.

Just last week, Carlson aired an extensive interview with the former President Trump, who decided to skip the initial Republican primary debate, attributing his decision to a strained rapport with Fox News.