TRUTH: Biden Trying To Buy Election

( – In an unashamed attempt to buy himself a second term, Joe Biden’s major legislative initiatives have channeled billions into swing states.

Luckily, experts remain skeptical about the impact this funding will have on the upcoming elections.

Legislation like the bipartisan infrastructure law, the CHIPS Act and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) have directed substantial funds to key battlegrounds during Biden’s first term.

Despite active campaigns highlighting these initiatives in swing states, experts doubt they would decisively influence voter decisions in areas like Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Republican consultant experienced in energy policy Mike McKenna said, “I doubt most voters are aware of these projects, mostly because at this point they are little more than ribbon cuttings and plans. The administration hasn’t even spent a fraction of what was appropriated.”

Arizona has received $15.4 billion in public funding for green energy, infrastructure and semiconductor manufacturing, with a claimed $121 billion in private investment spurred by these initiatives, as tracked by the government’s site.

In turn, Pennsylvania and Michigan have received $16.7 billion and $12.5 billion respectively for similar projects, with an additional $32 billion in private investment across both states.

These investments come in the backdrop of tight political races. Former President Donald Trump previously won Arizona, Pennsylvania and Michigan in 2016, but Biden claimed them in 2020. Current polls show Trump slightly leading in the three states.

A significant policy decision by the Biden administration—pausing new approvals for liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminals—might also influence the elections, especially in Pennsylvania, a major natural gas producer.

In Michigan, the focus is partly on the auto industry, with Biden’s agenda pushing for an increase in electric vehicle (EV) production.

This shift played a significant role in the United Auto Workers’ strike in 2023, reflecting concerns over job security in the transition to EVs. The strike concluded with assurances that workers would not be disadvantaged in the shift.

Arizona faces unique challenges, not only from its central role in the CHIPS Act but also from its proximity to Mexico.

According to the Center for the Future of Arizona, immigration is a predominant concern among its electorate, overshadowing other issues.

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