Trump’s Secretary Of State Issues Serious Warning

Hopefully Biden listens.

Former President Donald Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently warned that the nation of Israel could soon attack Iran due to U.S. “appeasement” of Iran.

According to Newsmax, Pompeo warned that the Biden Administration’s plan to rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal could result in an international controversy and war between two already unfriendly nations.

During the Jerusalem Post Conference, Pompeo further explained that Biden’s peace offering to Iran will only embolden them and force either Iran or Israel to attack each other. He further explained that if Biden does rejoin the Iran Nuclear Deal it will not be in anyone’s good interest.

“I pray that we do not force Israel into a really difficult decision one day, but I pray even more than that — I pray that if it is the case that something like that has to happen, if the world must deny the Iranians a nuclear weapon, that the United States will be part of making that happen,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo also explained that during Trump’s presidency when they decided to step away from the Iran Nuclear Deal, they took steps to ensure Iran wouldn’t be able to get the materials they needed to develop their own nuclear program.

Pompeo explained that Trump’s decisions made the world a much safer place as a whole.

Proponents of the Deal claim that since Trump withdrew the United States from the Iran Nuclear Deal, that Iran has started building back their nuclear programs and capabilities. It will be interesting to see what the conservative Ebrahim Raisi, the newly elected Iranian president will do moving forward.