Trump: ‘They’re Building an Army!’ (Video)

( – During a visit to a city that traditionally leans Democratic, former President Donald Trump voiced his concerns about illegal immigration under the Biden administration, claiming they are building an army to destroy America’s lifestyle.

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Addressing a crowd at Crotona Park, the GOP candidate painted a vivid picture of the migrants, which he described as young, fit males, which he provocatively suggested resembled an army.

“If you look at these people — did you see them? — they are physically fit. They are 19 to 25. Almost everyone is a male, and they look like fighting age. I think they’re building an army!”

Trump raised alarms about the potential dangers he associated with this influx and insinuated that it included criminals and terrorists. “They want to get us from within,” he remarked.

He continued, “[T]hey all have tents. They all have gas-fired stoves. I mean, this is not like an illegal immigrant. This is — they are building something. They have something in mind.”

Asserting his stance against the migration trends, Trump declared that they are not going to let those people come in and take New York city away from them and take America with them.

Highlighting the severity of the situation, Trump described the current state of immigration as unsustainable.

“They cannot stay,” he proclaimed. “We will immediately begin the largest criminal deportation operation in our country’s history, because this situation is unsustainable. No country can sustain this.”

Moreover, Trump expanded on the issue’s geographical impact and stressed that immigration had nationwide effects.

Concluding his speech, Trump reiterated his commitment to curbing illegal immigration.

“It’s wrong, it’s immoral, and the vast majority of New Yorkers agree with me that this is unacceptable,” he asserted. “We must stop it. We must stop it immediately.”

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